Behind The Brick With Charlotte – An In-Depth Interview

Every time we walk into The Brick, it’s either her or Jeffrey that great us with a big, bright smile. She’s there for a small chat, to help us with whatever we need, but how much do we really know about Charlotte? In a candid interview, we spoke about her re-education, her 3 years at The Brick and her biggest learning points.

What is your background in the sports industry? And did you have any training? 

Funnily, I studied to become a translator. But the running part came when I walked the local street run. At the time I didn’t have running shoes, so I did that on my Timberlands. After winning that, I got addicted to running and finally had my own running shoes. This is where my whole sports career started.

There were a few moments in my life where I became more focused on health, which urged me to pursue a career in healthcare. After re-educating myself and going to school for 4 years to become a food coach, I had the opportunity to guide students with eating disorders. This is from bulimic to anorexia. During these four years, I worked at the Inkart in Puurs, where I met Tiffany. Here I got in contact with a friend of Tiffany’s, who introduced me. From that moment I got the job offer, jumped on board and the rest is history. 

And why is it that you like running so much? What makes running the sport for you?

Mostly the endorphins. It’s very addictive when you feel that sense of freedom. Also, I used to have an eating disorder, and that really helped me mentally battle that. It’s a bit therapeutical.

How did The Brick change since you’ve started?

The first year was a big search of finding what people want and need: how do we handle the classes; do we use a reservations list or not? The best thing about the growth and evolution is that through the years people actually get fitter, healthier, and the love you get in return for helping them achieve that as a group, but also what how you contribute yourself.

And how did it change you?

Focus. I even have it on my wall. Just discipline, keep your mind pointed towards a goal and get it done. Tifanny and David (owners The Brick) once brought me to a Tony Robbins convention, and that was very next level. You wake up at 6 am, there’s this fire walk, you don’t eat and just go.

That really brings things into perspective. You learn to really dedicate yourself, and when I look at a lot of younger people that say they work hard, you’ll notice that our generation’s idea of hard work is a bit tainted.

Do you have any tips for the people that have issues with focusing?

100%. When we’re having trouble, we do something physical. We jump around, get it out of our system. 

Any other things that you’ve learned by being at The Brick that you wouldn’t necessarily learn elsewhere?

As a manager, you’re supposed to always be this leading, charismatic figure of confidence – and it’s not always easy to fit the role. And I think both me and Jeffrey would love to grow in that. Tifanny and David already helped me build my confidence. I’ve done so many things within The Brick, and we really searched for something that suits me and I’m good at. And when you find it, that really gives you a lot of confidence.

Also, I’d love to be able to be more consistent. People who don’t know me might at some point feel like I’m too familiar or too serious. And I feel like I’d love to find more balance.