Jens - Advisor The Brick

Meet Jens: new advisor at The Brick

You might’ve seen him around already. Maybe he already made a personal program for you, or assisted you with your questions. In short, that’s Jens, our go-to advisor and trainer at The Brick. He’s helping Jeffrey and Charlotte with the daily routines. To get to know him better, we sat down and had a chat about who he is, why he got into sports and his own sport goals.

What is your background in sports?

During my childhood, I definitely looked up to my oldest brother. He played soccer in the local first team, that’s why I started playing football on a provincial level until I was 24. At the time, I had the chance to go pro, but I chose pleasure over business. That’s why I still play soccer on Saturday afternoons with friends in the amateur indoor. In the evening I play footsal.

Apart from football, I’m a man of all sports. I love all kinds of ball sports, fitness, walking, cycling, etc. During the winter season, nothing can bring me more pleasure than snowboarding over a layer of fresh snow. The only sport that I absolutely do not like is climbing. I prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground. 

How did you end up at The Brick? And what is it that you do here?

After my bachelor degree in physiotherapy, I became a team manager at another gym. On Fridays, I could always go to class to get my NASM certificate to become a personal trainer.

I wanted to challenge myself, and a second job as a personal trainer seemed like something that would suit me. I really enjoyed training and helping people with their sporting goals. However, I found it difficult to promote myself in a competitive world. My brother-in-law and co-worker Johan, better known as Allbear, came up with the idea to work at the Brick as an advisor.

I came to the club a few times and got to know Charlotte and Jeffrey. After that, it didn’t take long before I started working at The Brick. As advisor, I can gain experience as a trainer. I’m here to help people who want to start with strength training. I’m also accessible for more experienced athletes who want an update of their training program.

It’s always a search for good exercises that are challenging AND above all can be performed correctly. The correct technique is essential in terms of injury prevention. I usually provide training programs that contain small circuits of 2, 3 or 4 exercises. A workout takes approximately 60 minutes, with every minute used efficiently.

What are the goals you want to achieve at The Brick?

At The Brick, it’s my mission to guide as many people as possible to a healthier and active lifestyle. Having fun while doing so is very important to me. Don’t feel comfortable with an exercise? No problem, we will do something else. I prefer my customers to feel comfortable with the exercises and enjoy the training. I don’t want them to go home with exercises that they will never do without a trainer. 

And what are/is your own fitness goals and training schedule for 2019?

Personally, I would like to work more with functional exercises instead of repeatedly carrying out the same analytical movements with the help of resistance training machines. Although these machines certainly have their place at the gym!

Mobility is another aspect of physical health that I hope to improve, both in the area of joint mobility and in the knowledge of mobility routines. My wife likes strength training as well. Train together, stay together! It makes us really strong as a team. We try to train together as much as possible.

My personal training programme changes regularly but currently consists of full-body workouts, consistent of basic movements (squat, lunge, push, pull, gait, bending and turning).