Physiotherapy Sessions by Spirit

New At The Brick: Physiotherapy Sessions by Spirit

In the world of sports, it’s very important to take good care of yourself. This partly means having a nutrient-conscious diet, warming up and cooling down during training and obviously knowing your limits. Go too far, and you get injured. And while most trainers at The Brick will give you a training program appropriate to your physical abilities and stamina, we all have those times where we take it too far. To prevent minor injuries or to help you if they do occur, we’ve started working with the guys from SPIRIT for a bi-weekly Physiotherapy Session.

Arno, as you’ll be present at The Brick this Tuesday, could you introduce yourself? 

No problem. So, I’m Arno and I’m a professional physiotherapist from the Antwerp-based company SPIRIT. We focus on both prehab and rehab. In my early days, I studied Top Sport Football in Antwerp and became a professional footballer. After years of building up a career, I found myself unable to continue.

Being forced to stop my professional football career was difficult. There was this hole in my life, and I had to fill it with another profession. That was when I started shifting my focus to golf, and soon started studying golf rehabilitation. From that study, I continued educating myself through international courses on rehabilitation and prevention. It’s all that experience that brought me to SPIRIT, where we cater to a premium clientele.

And what’s the clientele you service?

Think professional footballers, golfers, cyclists. One of my colleagues works with athletes at The Red Devils, for instance, so we’re really doing this at a level that compliments the premium level of sportsmanship we see at The Brick.

What is the service you’ll be providing at The Brick?

During the Physiotherapy Sessions, we’ll be consulting members of The Brick who feel like they’ve strained something, whether it’s an ankle or muscle strain. Whatever the issue might be, we’ll be focused on preventing serious injury. Funnily enough, that means we’re trying to prevent you from becoming a client at SPIRIT.

How can people sign up for this session?

Every two weeks, we’ll be available for everyone from 6 to 8 PM. We’re actually doing a session tonight, so everyone interested is welcome to approach me. We’ll also be present and available on September 11th and 25th.