The Brick brings Skillrun to Antwerp

With SKILLRUN, The Brick is introducing a new way of training both power performance and cardio, designed by Technogym to ensure quality. From resistance training to cardio improvement, the specific new classes are focused on helping you crush achievements. We interviewed Sam Scheurs of Technogym to find out all about the new course.

So for those who don’t know the story behind Technogym, can you quickly introduce yourself?

We are very competitive by nature. That’s how we have managed to become the official supplier to the Olympics, and why we are something of a benchmark in the world of sports. We want to help people achieve their goals, and technology is the biggest tool for performance. We don’t just make running machines: right now, we’ve got machines focusing on more than 100 disciplines.

What’s the idea behind the SKILLRUN?

A lot of people love to train outside, but others don’t live in places where that is possible or just don’t like it, because they like to combine different types of training. Training outside has its limits, especially in the winter.

In America, where climates are varied, we’ve found that the idea of a simulated outdoor running experience works very well. From parachute training, which simulates the feel of running with a parachute in the open air, to sled training, which feels like pushing a sled uphill, we’ve really tried to facilitate all types of training in a machine that will prove to be your best friend during the winter months.

How is it different from other machines focused on cardio?

Besides combining strength, performance and cardio training? The machines come with biofeedback measuring systems, which track more than just speed, inclination or your heartbeat. There’s cadence, resistance and agility training; there’s also more surface to run on which makes it possible to try a wide variety of running exercises. And at The Brick, combined with its short throw projector, it becomes a more immersive experience.