The Skillrun Bootcamp 2.0

Measure, perform, run and do it again. This summer, join us for the weekly Skillrun Bootcamp classes with ALLBEAR and Arno Schurman. Using the threadmills on the first floor, our trainers will push the boundaries of the Skillrun machines, emulating outdoor activities for when the weather outside becomes too hot.

“The reason why I wanted to teach this bootcamp was because I feel like I have the ability to push people in a responsible way,” explains Johan Albert, known in the fitness industry as ALLBEAR, about why he wanted to teach the Skillrun Bootcamp class at The Brick. “It’s always allright to slow down during our Skillrun Bootcamp, but we will not let you stop. I can recognise when people gave it their all, and when people can go the extra mile but just mentally need that extra support. And at that moment, I begin to push. Character Cardio, if you will! With a Skillrun Bootcamp, or any other training, I want people to be able to push themselves without coaching. That way, next time they won’t stop after a set of 10 repetitions.”

Skillrun Summer Season 2.0

Especially in the spring, we love to work out. Running becomes a blessing in the breeze, and the asphalt and tiles don’t heat up as heavily as in the deep summer. But when that summer finally hits us, which might be sooner than you think, The Brick is the coolest place to continue your workout. That’s why The Brick will put your skills to the test in a 1-hour workout bootcamp, utilising our Technogym Skillrun machines.

“In locations where climates are varied, we’ve found that the idea of a simulated outdoor running experience works very well,” explains Sam Scheurs of Technogym about the idea behind the Skillrun machines and the accompanied Bootcamp experience. “From parachute training, which simulates the feel of running with a parachute in the open air, to sled training, which feels like pushing a sled uphill, we’ve really tried to facilitate all types of training in a machine that will prove to be your best friend during the summer months, when the weather becomes too hot to handle.”

Beyond the Skillrun Bootcamp

While the Skillrun bootcamp is a proper way to build a better you, trainers ALLBEAR and Arno also teach other incredible classes that will help you improve throughout the weeks, while still feeling good about yourself. Think our Boxing Class, or perhaps the Calisthenics classes.

The Brick offers a wide variety of sports and fitness activities, as well as a professional network of personal trainers to help you achieve any goal. All we ask of you is to work hard and keep believing in yourself.

Skillrun Bootcamp classes are every week on the following dates:

Monday from 10h – 11h

Tuesday from 9h – 10h

Wednesday from 18h30 – 19h30

Thursday from 9h – 10h