At The Brick, unlocking your potential takes center stage.

We offer you unrivaled fitness classes, unparalleled personal training and impeccably designed clubs with sublime amenities that keep you at your peak.

Each iconic club is a reflection of its surroundings with a subtle reference to its history. Once a warehouse, a former fisherman’s market and a circus stable, have now all turned into inspiring and energizing places.

Our personalized service, high-end equipment and diverse group classes come together in Antwerp’s most unparalleled fitness experience.

At The Brick you’ll never get into routine. Because we offer you variety: from a fully equipped gym to a personalised CrossFit studio, from renowned personal training to innovative group fitness classes led by Antwerp’s most beloved fitness coaches, from meditation techniques and an abundance of different yoga classes to all sorts of (reformer) pilates, from working out to getting work done in our co-working space.


Transform your employees’ spirit and productivity levels by offering them the ultimate health program as part of a flexible benefits package. By joining The Brick your employees will have unlimited access to our locations at reduced corporate rates.

Join The Brick. Build a better you.