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Meditation techniques and an abundance of different yoga classes to all sorts of (reformer) pilates

Welcome to Satori, a serene haven where beauty meets mindfulness in a celebration of wellness. Our dedicated space is an invitation to a transformative well-being journey. Experience precise reformer pilates, engaging bootylates, and dynamic cardio tramp workouts. Our diverse yoga styles, from Vinyasa to Hatha, offer a holistic approach to balance.

Meditation, a cornerstone of Satori, provides a serene pause, reconnecting you with inner peace. Our expert instructors guide you in unlocking the power of the present moment. Satori seamlessly integrates fitness and mindfulness, creating an oasis to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Join us on this transformative journey, where each session is a symphony of well-being, and every visit is a step towards a balanced and rejuvenated you.


  • Sculpt Yoga @ The Brick Satori

    Sculpt Yoga

    A mix of vinyasa yoga and fitness inspired exercises. It is focused on sculpting and toning the body by using light dumbbells. Starting the…

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  • Sculpt Pilates @ the Brick Satori

    Sculpt pilates

    Sculpt & tone your body by adding some light weights and other props to make it more intense. Build flexibility and strength during this…

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  • Sound bath yin yoga @ The Brick Satori

    Sound bath yin yoga

    A Sound Bath Yin Yoga session combines the gentle and meditative practice of Yin Yoga with the therapeutic and immersive experience of a sound…

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  • Sound bath meditation

    A sound bath meditation is a therapeutic and meditative experience in which participants immerse themselves in soothing and harmonious sounds. During a sound bath,…

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  • Wall Yoga

    A challenging way to practice yoga with the use of the wall and the rope as helpers for resistance and support allowing for new…

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  • The Brick Satori hatha yoga

    Hatha Yoga

    Hatha yoga typically involves a combination of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. It emphasizes the practice of holding poses for an extended period,…

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  • Meditation Meditatie - The Brick Satori


    Meditation is all about finding (mental) peace. You let your mind slow down and rest thus trying to achieve a new state of consciousness…

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  • Restorative Yoga @ The Brick Satori

    Restorative Yoga

    This type of yoga focusses less on intense positions and more on calming your inner self and the healing aspect of your body.

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  • Hot Vinyasa Yoga @ The Brick Satori

    Hot Vinyasa Yoga

    Vinyasa Yoga takes place in 40° temperatures, it helps build up power, sustain it and teaches you how to use that on and off…

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  • Yin Yoga @ The Brick Satori

    Yin Yoga

    The Yin practice focuses on postures that help create space and lengthen out muscles, connective tissue, fascial tissue and even bone tissue.

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  • The Brick Satori vinyasa yoga

    Vinyasa Yoga

    Vinyasa in sanskrit means ’step by step’; connecting one posture with the next in a steady continuous flow using the fuel of your breath.

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  • The Brick Satori power yoga

    Power Yoga

    Power Yoga Ignites the metabolic furnace. It’s an amazing form of fitness inspired Yoga that sculpts strong, healthy bodies.

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  • The Brick Satori bootylates


    This variation on mat and reformer Pilates gives extra focus on the booty while covering the basic core program.

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  • Mat Pilates @ The Brick Satori

    Mat pilates

    Mat Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on core strength, flexibility, and overall body conditioning.

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  • Lady & the Tramp @ The Brick

    Cardio Tramp

    Lay down on your reformer & jump your way through this leg, core and cardio focused workout.

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  • Pilates at The Brick Antwerp

    Reformer pilates

    Using a traditional piece of pilates equipment, this class builds a strong, balanced body and increases flexibility.

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  • You will find Satori at the Museumsraat 11a, 2000 Antwerp.


  • Open MON – FRI: 07:00 – 21:30, WKND: 09:00-19:00

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