Welcome to The Brick Reformer Academy

The Brick Reformer Academy welcomes all levels, whether you are interested in deepening your knowledge about Pilates on the reformer, or if you wish to become a reformer Pilates teacher.

All levels of The Brick Reformer Academy will be given by experienced contemporary trainer Oona De Vos and Classical Pilates Trainer Michiel Gysel. They selected and built the program based on their experience teaching private and group classes. This combination of Classical Pilates brings you an extensive range of exercises, providing you with all the tools to create well rounded yet technical classes.

The course will be divided in 3 levels (more beginner, more intermediate and more advanced), ending with a workshop on ‘How To Teach’. You’re able to subscribe per individual level, or you have the option to purchase the complete course at a 15% discount. If you are interested in the full package, you can also pay in installments. For this, you can email roy@thebrick.be.



To complete each level and get your certification for that level, you will have to pass an online theoretical multiple-choice exam. When you’ve scored a passing grade of 80%, you will receive a certification for that level from The Brick Reformer Academy. Then, if you wish to, you can get started with the next level.

After each training weekend, there will be 3 practice moments to integrate the material. Two of them will be guided by Oona and Michiel,  One will be a self-practice moment.  

Where: The Brick Satori, Museumstraat 11A, reformer room 3.


To get fully certified and become a reformer Pilates teacher, you will have to pass a practical teaching exam after you’ve completed all 3 levels + the last module ‘How To Teach’ and received a passing grade of 80% for all online theoretical multiple-choice exams.

For the practical exam you will have to teach 2 group classes at The Brick Satori: 

One normal reformer class and one advanced reformer class. Oona and Michiel will determine whether you’ve passed or not based on a set of qualifications.

If you weren’t able to succeed, you will receive feedback on how to improve your skillset to assure you will pass your next test.



In Level 1 you will learn how to execute, build and teach the fundamental exercises of reformer pilates. There will also be a short introduction on Joseph Pilates, and how reformer pilates came to be. 


Being the more intermediate level, this module will be packed with exercises building on what you’ve learned in Level 1. We’ll see a lot of progressions and regressions, with the focus on taking the fundamental techniques into a lot of new exercises.


On the weekend of Level 3, we will be bringing all we have learned into more advanced work. By this time you’ve been practicing and studying, and we assume you have mastered the fundamental and intermediate exercises. So expect to be challenged! We’re going to look for what it truly means to practice ‘Contrology’.


To finalize the education, we will complete the training with a workshop in teaching. During this workshop you will learn how to fully incorporate all the exercises, their modifications and progressions successfully in a group or private class. We will teach you on what to do with clients who have certain injuries or problems and help you find your own teaching style.

To complete this level and thus to get fully certified you will have to pass a practical exam, teaching 2 group classes at The Brick Satori: 
One normal reformer class and one advanced reformer class. Oona and Michiel will determine whether you’ve passed based on a set of qualifications

Looking forward moving with you

The Brick Reformer Academy Team