August news update



If you have tasted them on WECANDANCE recently: you know.

When butcher meets baker, it’s simply divine.

Jules Koninckx from De Laet & Van Haver & Louis Dellafaille from Banketbakkerij Dellafaille have joined together in holy matrimony to produce the perfect burger.

They are set to open up shop in Antwerp later this winter but stay tuned people.

We smell another pop-up on the way.


The way of the sloth is a new set of techniques and teachings not widely spread in the very competitive CrossFit world … yet.
Recent studies however have shown that Sid from Ice Age is actually a viable spirit animal and to prove it we present…


The way of the sloth is loosely based on a lot of napping, an intermediate amount of candy, preferably in jars, but also the firm belief that average people can do incredible things. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Did you know that our slothy CrossFit coach started out as a bookworm with aspirations to work in Publishing? Hard to imagine you say? Well it’s true nonetheless. Before she became a CrossFit Mr Miyagi of sorts, she held a research job at a management school & briefly worked for a fashion distributor.

But our 1m57 bundle of gentle joy finally found her calling when she joined a random CrossFit class with Siri way back in the early days when she was still a young Daniel LaRusso learning the craft. After years of training however, she herself has become the chopstick wielding coach and her students are now the ones waxing on and off until they master the basics.

This is one of the key teachings of the sloth: learning to walk before you can run and generally taking it easy. If you, as some CrossFitters do, need someone telling you to take rest days and chill out, Marlies is the proverbial scissors to your Bonsai tree.

When asked about the way of the sloth for a recent interview with Morning Chalk Up Marlies had this to say:

”I see myself a bit as the reflection of what every normal mortal without freak genetics & without sacrificing quality of life can achieve. I’m not the strongest, fastest or most technical athlete in the box. Once one of our members was frustrated that a certain movement didn’t work and then he uttered the now sloth mantra: ‘no offense, but even you can do that’. I took a lot of offenses then, but in the meantime I’ve recognized it a bit as my brand: if Sid can do it, anyone who is willing to put a little work into it can do it too.
The way of the sloth



Pilates Mat Teacher Training is the perfect vehicle for learning the principles of the Pilates Method. The Mat Program provides a thorough education in the Pilates Mat Work and its infinite applications. It is also the perfect springboard to the Comprehensive Programs.

The Mat Program is often taught as a part of the Comprehensive Program and is the same curriculum for all international students.

This program is comprised of 24 hours of lecture, discussion, and exercise practice and exercise analysis divided into 6 modules. Expect on average 4 hours per week dedicated to study and fulfilment of certification requirements. Program schedule is subject to postponement or cancellation, based on student enrollment.


Location: The Brick Satori

Saturday October 28 / 12:30-19:30
Sunday October 29 / 12:30-19:30

Saturday November 25 / 12:30-19:30
Sunday November 26 / 12:30-19:30


The Brick Academy organizes a shortened version of the Wim Hof Workshop, focused on action and practice. Learn to prepare your body to perform better in all areas with specific breathing techniques and cold therapy. Feeling is understanding!

What to expect?

  • a deep breath session in group (part 1)
  • ice bath with personal assistance (part 2)
  • tips and tricks to take home
  • the perfect preparation for a work out


This workshop is not for pregnant women, people with epilepsy and Raynaud’s Syndrom type II.


Teacher: Marie Genicot, Certified Wim Hof Instructor
When: Sunday 03/09 from 14:00-16:00
Location: The Brick Crossfit, Waalsekaai 58, 2000 Antwerp
Price: €55
What to bring: towel and swimwear


Hats off to Siri & all the athletes who joined us this summer at the beach.

Big thanks to WECANDANCE for having us. See you all again next year!


As you all know we offer so many classes these days that a little weekly managing is in order.

For us to keep adding to the roster, we need to know how classes perform.
This can only be achieved if people actually show up to the classes they booked.

It pains us to still see classes with full waiting lists and empty seats.

We therefore adjusted the timing in which people can book and cancel.
This will only be possible during our opening hours, which are 07:00 ‘till 22:00.

Want more classes? Cancel in time. Or show up.

We would once more like to remind everyone to cancel their classes within the 4 hour window.

Cancel your classes on time through the app and don’t forget to check in on all locations with your QR-code, badge or card.

Phone, e-mail or social media are not valid ways to cancel your classes.

Your co-members thank you.


We have a lot of new mixes in our Spotify channel again this month.
This is where our deejays & guests curate their very own music especially for you.

It’s festival season so we have a lot of music for you guys this month.
Check out these 4 new lists by our deejays


For a full list of playlists click here.

To start listening one of the playlists now, click the images below.



Known factors are exercising and eating healthy, but when it comes to nutrients, it gets a bit more complicated.

PACK’D aims to make it all a little less complicated.
For those who eat healthily and live a perfectly balanced lifestyle, you really wouldn’t need supplements.

But we both know that not every meal we eat is healthy.
And that’s not a problem at all: our Essentials Box is an insurance for the burgundian lifestyle.

We’ve worked with professionals in the sports and nutrients industry to create a selection of daily essentials that will work towards a healthy, energized body and focused mind.



Transform your employees’ spirit and productivity levels by offering them the ultimate health program as part of a flexible benefits package.

By joining The Brick your employees will have unlimited access to our locations at reduced corporate rates.

Click the link below for more info.