September news update



Seen them on our screens and wondered why we promote burgers in a gym?
Because they are awesome that’s why. And also because Diplo said so.

What feels better than a burger & a beer after a heavy work-out?
We have no answer to that so we invited Jules Koninckx & Louis Dellafaille to come work their JIMMYZ magic on Monday the 25th of September.

Free burgers, beers & beats for everyone!

This will be your only chance before they open up shop later this winter in Antwerp.
Come find us at Waalsekaai 57 from 17:00 onwards. Don’t miss out!

DJ line-up for the evening:

18:30 // MORENA
20:00 // JUWLZ


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Arne.

Ever since he was a kid, he’d been driven by sports. By playing for the Antwerp Giants youth, he got in touch with strength training at a young age. That’s when he knew: this is what I love to do. Basketball slowly faded into the background and Arne’s focus shifted to fitness and strength training.

Over the years, through trial and error, he learned all there is to know about strength exercising. But he wasn’t always this mean lean fighting machine. There was a period of obesity. Weights alone do not always cut it. So he did a deep dive in nutrition and dietary customs and cut his weight from the 105 kilos in the picture above to the current 85 kilos in the picture below. To put that in perspective, he lost the full weight of a 8 year old. I’ll leave it up to you guys to find the 6 other differences in the pictures. (spoiler below)

This transformation obviously sparked a flurry of requests to help others in the same predicament. After successfully helping a few friends he felt his serotin levels were at an all-time high so he decided this would be his new full-time profession.

Things got real now so he had to back-up his autodidactic street knowledge with some science. This led him to follow a Physical Trainer course at the Personal Coaching Academy as well as the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He was now recognized internationally as a personal trainer (EREPS level 4). But the learning never ends and the self-educating is a daily feat he upholds in high regards.

His goal nowadays is to give his clients a decent basic knowledge of both training and nutrition. He doesn’t just tell them what to do but tries to educate them along the way. Arne had this to add: ”Someone is more likely to do the right thing if they understand why it is good for them.”

Are you looking for a scientifically based no-nonsense approach? Then you’ve come to the right place! Contact Arne now for an intake!


Beirut meets Tokyo in Antwerp … if you can find it.

The Vlaaikensgang was always a hidden pearl, but now it holds even more secrets.
A joint venture between Zao Wang owner Andrès Claeys & Julian Youssef from Central Station in Beirut, one of the top 50 cocktailbars in the world, resulted in TAZU.

Book a table for dinner and your first cocktail is on the house if you show them you are a member of the Brick.



Pilates Mat Teacher Training is the perfect vehicle for learning the principles of the Pilates Method. The Mat Program provides a thorough education in the Pilates Mat Work and its infinite applications. It is also the perfect springboard to the Comprehensive Programs.

The Mat Program is often taught as a part of the Comprehensive Program and is the same curriculum for all international students.

This program is comprised of 24 hours of lecture, discussion, and exercise practice and exercise analysis divided into 6 modules. Expect on average 4 hours per week dedicated to study and fulfilment of certification requirements. Program schedule is subject to postponement or cancellation, based on student enrollment.


Location: The Brick Satori

Saturday October 28 / 12:30-19:30
Sunday October 29 / 12:30-19:30

Saturday November 25 / 12:30-19:30
Sunday November 26 / 12:30-19:30


JOE & THE JUICE just opened a new location in the Volkstraat!

Did you know THE BRICK members get a 15% discount on all purchases?

Download the JOE & THE JUICE app and register using the same adress you used to register at the Brick and you will receive your discount on all future orders you make with them.

To activate this discount go to your WALLET tab in the app and it will appear there.


And the good news doesn’t stop.

Until 15/10/23 all members get a 20% discount at Clinic+ so start your shopping sprees now! You can find them across the street from the Circus so make sure to pop in after a Strong or Circus class to check their new collections.

While you are there make sure to leave your name and try out your size for the raffle. Clinic+ has created a very limited co-branded t-shirt with the Brick. On the 15th of October the winners will be announced.


As you may have noticed we have changed the lockers, finally no more looking for lost keys! let us remind you that even though the locks have changed the policy to occuping lockers when you are not in the gym has not.

Don’t be that anti-social guy/girl and we will live happily ever after.

Simple how-to-use: enter your code when the lock is green, close it so it becomes red and change your chosen code so it is locked.

Re-enter your chosen code when it is red to open it and it will become green again, ready for the next member to use.

Below the manufacturers’ take on the affair.


As you all know we offer so many classes these days that a little weekly managing is in order.

For us to keep adding to the roster, we need to know how classes perform.
This can only be achieved if people actually show up to the classes they booked.

It pains us to still see classes with full waiting lists and empty seats.

We therefore adjusted the timing in which people can book and cancel.
This will only be possible during our opening hours, which are 07:00 ‘till 22:00.

Want more classes? Cancel in time. Or show up.

We would once more like to remind everyone to cancel their classes within the 4 hour window.

Cancel your classes on time through the app and don’t forget to check in on all locations with your QR-code, badge or card.

Phone, e-mail or social media are not valid ways to cancel your classes.

Your co-members thank you.


We have a lot of new mixes in our Spotify channel again this month.
This is where our deejays & guests curate their very own music especially for you.

More new music for you guys this month.

Check out these 2 new lists by our deejays!


For a full list of playlists click here.

To start listening one of the playlists now, click the images below.



Known factors are exercising and eating healthy, but when it comes to nutrients, it gets a bit more complicated.

PACK’D aims to make it all a little less complicated.
For those who eat healthily and live a perfectly balanced lifestyle, you really wouldn’t need supplements.

But we both know that not every meal we eat is healthy.
And that’s not a problem at all: our Essentials Box is an insurance for the burgundian lifestyle.

We’ve worked with professionals in the sports and nutrients industry to create a selection of daily essentials that will work towards a healthy, energized body and focused mind.



Transform your employees’ spirit and productivity levels by offering them the ultimate health program as part of a flexible benefits package.

By joining The Brick your employees will have unlimited access to our locations at reduced corporate rates.

Click the link below for more info.