The Brick News - NJune update 2024

June news update

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with one of our members, Nathaniël Van Waeyenberge, his associate Wim Maeyaert and their business, Barouche Mediterranean Streetfood.
Read on to discover what they are offering you this month!
Just under 4 years ago, Nathaniël and Wim Maeyaert joined forces to launch their Fast & Healthy Mediterranean restaurant chain, Barouche. Now boasting 5 locations with 2 more set to open soon, the dynamic duo spends 7 days a week dedicated to their growing business. That’s why maintaining a solid workout routine at The Brick is crucial to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.
We sat down and had a small Q&A with the man himself:
What sets Barouche apart?
“Well that’s an excellent question, I could write a whole book about it but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet: we are 2 Belgian guys with a passion for Mediterranean cuisine and we wanted to create a Pita & Bowl like no other. Our vision was basically to focus on the 4 main ingredients and make them best in class on their own.
And what are these 4 ingredients?
1) The Bread: Pita is Greek for Bread, so our Sourdough bread is baked from scratch daily in our very own bakery, using a 24-hour fermentation process for maximum flavor and digestibility.
2) The Sauce: A good pita or bowl needs some sauce, only ours is not heavy mayonnaise based, instead we developed and manufacture our own Fresh Yoghurt based sauces, making them light and ideal to consume not only at dinner, but at lunch as well.
3) The Protein: We carefully selected our marinated meats, Halloumi cheese & Oven Baked Falafel with a no pre cooked, no deep fried mantra: so everything is cooked à la minute and only oven baked.
4) The Salad: Our salad is fresh, crisp & most notably with baby spinach instead of normal lettuce. So it is rich in flavor and vitamine A, C & K and iron.
All this is served in a warm Barouche atmosphere, for you to enjoy.
You are making me hungry man. Any specific challenges & goals for the coming year?
Haha, you mean on a sportive level or business?

Well, now I want to know both.
On a sportive level I actually lost a bet with my co-workers, don’t ask, so I will be running the next 10 miles in a Barouche Pita Box Promotion suit.And on a business level it’s all about finding the right spot to open a second Barouche in Antwerp, suggestions are welcome.
And finally, the question everyone has been waiting for: what special offer do you have for the members of The Brick?
As we are convinced that Barouche is the ideal pre or post workout fuel, so we want to offer them a whopping 50% discount on a bowl or pita of choice for lunch this month!* You can find us across from Revista at the Karel Rogierstraat 40, 2000 Antwerpen.
* As per usual, discount is only valid for 30 days from 15/6 until 15/7 and is exclusive to The Brick members only.
You might have seen her name pop up in the app or seen her in action, we sure have. But what do we really know about our newest Spinning coach, Katrien.
Nothing really, so we reached out in writing to someone who knew her very intimately when she was younger. At first he was a little reluctant to comment, saying he was still not over the break-up after all these years. But after some gentle prodding and a lifetime free membership offer, he opened up a bit. Here is what Kat’s old crush replied to us in between his many concerts:
Hey guys, this is taking me way back, I can tell you that much.
Well, I might as well start at the beginning. When I met Katrien, or Kat as her friends call her, she was growing up in a large, warm family where sports were a huge part of life. Her father wasn’t a big fan of me, probably because of all my tattoos and the playing in a rockband. I understood.
Being the second oldest of four children, she had already learned to stand her ground, that much was clear from the start. But she also learned how to be social and caring towards others.
That was one of the things that really attracted me to her you know. So I asked her out on a date. Obviously the date was a huge success, with me being an international punkrock sensation and all. I remember after she did the cutest thing: she left me roses by the stairs, surprises let me know she cares. We were so in love.
We’d been going steady for a while when things slowly started to change. Luckily I could keep busy touring and writing music because Kat had precious little time for me after our first few years together.
All she was interested in was basketball. Little time for romance. The basketball world was the place she frequented weekly, a constant throughout her life at that point. Even though she didn’t play basketball herself, Kat admired her brother and stepbrother for their incredible dedication to the sport.
They inspired her to hunt for a sport that would be that intense for her. A sport where she could find the same level of dedication. This quest proved more challenging than she originally expected but after a myriad of trial and error, she finally discovered spinning.
And boy did she go off. It was an absolute revelation for her. She could be herself and give it her all. Even though we had less contact by then I could tell she truly loved all the small things about it.
I heard that to this day, she enjoys coaching just as much, if not more, as the first day she started. Not like our love affair really, you can probably guess where that was headed by now.
I could’ve probably handled it a bit better from my end, been a bit more mature and available, less groupies, but the bottom line was I wasn’t around as much as I should have been and pirates were circling my ship if you know what I mean. Spinning wasn’t the only thing bringing her satisfaction on a physical level. No sir.
And that was about the time she walked away from me, nobody likes you when you’re 23. When you still act like you’re in freshman year. What the hell was wrong with me? My friends said I should act my age.

So yeh,it pains me to say but she dumped me around that time, stopped calling, stopped writing, no more contact altogether. I always suspected she met a new guy and I took it badly to be honest, but hey this is not about me, let’s get back to Kat.

While it could be said that music introduced her to her first love, now spinning it would seem had introduced her to the (second) love of her life. She met him at a fitness club of course, where else, and now they’ve been together for five years.
What does this guy have that I don’t? I even read they have been married last year! And, on top of it all, they now have a baby on the way, due in November!
Even though I’m not the jealous type I would like to have a word with this “fitness man”, I can tell you that much. The one thing I pull myself up to is this: if it’s going to be a boy I can probably guess the name.
Let’s be honest, even if we don’t speak or write anymore, Kat always kept crushing on me. I mean, who can blame her, right? I’m a rockstar baby.
I think from my end, through writing this letter, I’m finally over her now. It’s just flattering to know that someone as passionate and driven as Kat looked up to me, you know? Even if only for a little while.
She’s a very remarkable person, and her story is a testament to the good that love & sport can bring into one’s life. Plus, let’s be real, anyone who can tolerate the sound of me drumming away for hours on end must have a heart of gold.
Go get some Kat in your lives guys, she won’t disappoint. And now I think it’s time to let old romances be.
I wish you well Kate.
Yours truly, (your high school crush)
Travis Barker

P.S. I included a signed copy of our hit album, the one where we used that funny picture of you dressed as a nurse remember? Good times, XOXO
The connoisseurs probably noticed already, but we officially have a new coffee brand. And not just any brand. The original Italian expresso specialist: LAVAZZA.
Lavazza coffee, an iconic Italian brand established in 1895, is celebrated for its rich tradition and exceptional quality. Known as the “coffee of Italy,” Lavazza blends are crafted from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from around the world. Each blend undergoes a meticulous roasting process to achieve the perfect balance of aroma, flavor, and body.
Lavazza’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the art of coffee-making ensures a consistently superior coffee experience and align perfectly with The Brick. Whether enjoyed as a smooth espresso, a robust Americano, or a creamy cappuccino, Lavazza delivers an unparalleled taste that embodies the essence of true Italian coffee culture.
But it’s not only their coffee that makes them exceptional. They reached worldwide acclaim in the 90s & early 2000s with their exceptional marketing campaigns that took the world by storm. They were literally everywhere. For our younger members & by todays standards these images might seem pretty standard but believe me, Lavaza was one of the early disruptors. They had photographers like Helmut Newton & Elliot Erwitt on their campaigns in the 90s until they exploded in a whirlwind of colors and expressions post Y2K.
But that’s not the only Italian news we have this month. Good news for all the ladies!
Our member Cintia Demori wanted to do something special for all the Brick members with her store LUISA SPAGNOLI. They opened recently in the Schuttershofstraat, in front of Delvaux & Chanel. The brand has 150 stores in Italy and dozens of other stores around the world. It is the first one in Belgium though.
So come celebrate the Belgian opening of this Italian brand with a 100 year tradition.
They would like to offer a permanent 20% discount for all The Brick customers.
You can find them in the  Schuttershofstraat, 9, in front a Delvaux and Chanel.

Our website:
We would like to thank everyone for showing up to their reservations.
But there is always room for improvement. We have taken a deep dive into our stats and almost 20% of members don’t show up to their reserved classes.
This means 2000+ spots lost each month with people in the waiting lists.For those people in the waiting list we all need to do better.
So a friendly reminder for everyone:
Reservations are only possible from 06:30 ‘till 22:00. It’s a very flexible system but cancelations have to be done 4 hours before the starting hour of the class. No more exceptions will be made from July onwards as the system will be fully automated.
Cancel your classes on time through the app and don’t forget to check in on all locations with your QR-code, badge or card. Once you have used your QR-code go back to your dashboard to refresh it before using it again.
Phone, e-mail or social media are not valid ways to cancel your classes.
Your co-members thank you.
A new month, a new CARPE CLINIC discount!

But first, who are they?

Operating from the New-South neighborhood, Carpe Clinic provides patients with over 25 years of experience in innovative treatments. As a center specialized in aesthetic care for face & hair they guarantee you the best care given by their professional team of doctors, aestheticians & skin experts. Combining their extensive knowledge with the most advanced equipment they are perpetually aiming for the most stunning result perfectly matching your skin type and wishes. 

Allow your skin to detox. HYDRAFACIAL. More the just hydration. DETOXIFICATION.
Hydrafacial allows your skin to be the healthiest version of itself. Completely customizable. Safe for any and all skin types.
Exclusively for the Brick members, this month (15/6-15/7) only, you can book your hydrafacial and receive a free hydration spray by Jane Iredale. Just add a note when ordering that you are a The Brick member.
Book here
Check back next month for the next discount!
This button can be found on your The Brick app and highlights all the current discounts and extras you can enjoy from our The Brick partners & friends.

Be sure to check back regularly for updates!
Contact if you want to set up a collab.
While we understand that everyone can have a bad day, we can not tolerate that certain ill-mannered behaviors negatively impact others’ experiences.

We would like to remind everyone to be respectful of their surroundings and courtly towards their fellow gym buddies & staff. A polite communication and cleaning up after oneself are the bare minimum.

Get that good karma in while you can.
We have a lot of new playlists in our Spotify channel again this month.
This is where our deejays & guests curate their very own music especially for you.

This month we bring you:

For a full list of playlists click here.

To start listening one of the playlists now, click the images below.
Transform your employees’ spirit and productivity levels by offering them the ultimate health program as part of a flexible benefits package.

By joining The Brick your employees will have unlimited access to our locations at reduced corporate rates.
Cick Here
We are introducing a new way to experience The Brick.
Tailored specifically towards corporate events, teambuildings, but also the occasional fun girls night out, we are now offering an all-in group experience that you can book as a one-off, no membership required.
Not to worry, these new classes will only be bookable outside the normal schedule.
Depending on the class or location max capacity will range from 16 to 24 people.
Almost all classes will be available in tailor made versions:
(Outdoor) HIIT class // (Outdoor) Bootcamp // Outdoor Running of Trail Class // DANCE class // Abs (& butts) class // Performance or Rhythm Cycling // All forms of Yoga // Mat Pilates // CIRCUS (signature HIIT class) // STRONG (personal training in group) // HIT & ABS (combination of boxing and HIIT) // (Kick) Boxing class // WOD CrossFit class // TEAM WOD: CrossFit in duo // Olympic Weightlifting class
Price: €349,99 (ex-VAT)
This includes the class with professional coach, use of facilities, lockers, showers, sauna, towel service, fruit, water, tea & coffee. There will also be a possibility to invite the Brick on location. You can ask for a personalized price through e-mail to