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Profile: Personal Trainer Roy Vermeulen on Autonomy, Progress & Connection

At The Brick, we have a wide network of personal trainers, physiotherapists and other professionals that can help you build a better you. Amongst those experts is Roy Vermeulen, a personal trainer at YORROY, whose forward-thinking vision is pushing for a more efficient, online-focused approach. “It’s my job to create results by eliminating unnecessary obstructions.”

“Before I started working at The Brick, I already had a strong network of people that wanted to achieve different goals. One thing that has never changed is that I had to help them reach those goals, and in order to do so, we had to break them down in smaller goals,” explains Roy about the first essential steps you have to guide your members through. “It’s about long-term goals as focus, with short-term milestones to give a sense of improvement.”

Autonomy, Progress & Connection

After establishing your goals, Roy continues to focus on three things: autonomy, progress, and connection. Autonomy is the first way to eliminate excuses not to go to the gym: “If you have the freedom to train whenever you want, it’s easier to combine with a job that doesn’t match with the 9-to-5 mentality. The Brick is open until 10 PM, so it’s manageable.”

Progress is the next big thing, as people pay for results. Where some personal trainers started with fitness as a hobby, Roy practiced (and educated himself on) what he preaches. After graduating on the subject, he continued to educate himself through online coaching and seminars. “The trick with long-term training is that it’s found in science and functional anatomy. By knowing precisely what exercises do to which muscles, but also measuring progress and adapting the client’s diet based on facts, you’ll waste less time and get results quicker.”

Fixing the PT Issue

Personal trainers – better known as PT’s – are somewhat of a Catch 22. It’s a perfect way to motivate yourself to train more. You’re investing in a comeback, one where you’re likely to tell yourself that ‘this time things will be different’. However, personal trainers also have the reputation of being expensive and time-consuming. PT Roy Vermeulen realized this pitfall and has found a way to fix the system. This is where the connection comes into play – literally and figuratively.

“Events are helpful, sure, but I heavily believe in focusing on online coaching. What my clients and I have in common is that I only have so much time and money to invest. Online coaching means that both I and the client don’t physically have to be somewhere at the same time,” explains Roy on what he thinks is the future of personal training. “If you create an informed, tailor-made workout program that works for that specific person, and you’ll make sure to explain those exercises well, you might only need a sporadic session once in a few months to further motivate a client.”

“After that, it’s all about coaching your client through follow-ups. Just like that, you’ve created a way to form a connection without the blockade of having to be somewhere at a certain place and certain time, which improves autonomy, and you’re able to measure progress by analyzing the data provided by the client.”

In the future, Roy will focus on further expanding and improving his online platform. But beyond personal training, his focus lies on constantly educating himself and his current and possible future clients. “Knowledge is everything. That’s why I think that in the near future, I would like to give lectures and seminars on functional anatomy, nutrients & food and how to execute and build tailor-made training programs that truly offer results.”

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