Animal Flow - The Brick - Antwerp

The Brick brings Animal Flow to Antwerp

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This new fitness trend combines natural movements with a fun complete workout.

Stretch like a cat, leap like a frog, walk like a crab. Intensive training has never been this fun. Animal Flow, the latest fitness trend to come out of the States is a complete workout based on natural and animal poses. As of today it is part of The Brick’s range of group lessons.

This latest fitness trend was developed in Miami by personal trainer Mike Fitch. Inspired by animal movements he created a fitness technique that incorporates the whole body with no need for your typical fitness-equipment. The result is a dynamic combination of gymnastics, yoga, capoeira and breakdance moves.

Animal Flow is a workout gone wild, a complete training where everything revolves around -what’s in a name- a flow of animal movements. A typical workout consists of exercises compartmentalized into 6 different components in which every muscle group is dealt with. You determine your own pace, level and goals, which allows you to combine Animal Flow with your regular gym routine.

The biggest advantage of Animal Flow is that different muscle groups get their separate specific workout. Not only does Animal Flow strengthen your muscles, it also enhances your flexibility and your stamina.
Feeling the (animal) urge to try it for yourself? Ask for the details on our group lessons.