While most trainers at The Brick will give you a training program appropriate to your physical abilities and stamina, we all have those times where we take it too far. Either we have a specific goal in mind, or it’s been a tough week. To prevent minor injuries or to help you if they do occur, The Brick has once again joined forces with the physiotherapy experts of SPIRIT Antwerp. That’s why we’ve interviewed Sander to tell you all about their Wednesday Session, every week from 8:30 to 9:30 PM!

What are the biggest reasons that people get injured?

It can be because of several reasons. Everyone has their specific weaknesses – certain muscle groups or regions that can’t handle as much pressure. However, where it often goes wrong is when people only train one muscle group too often.

That’s why it’s always good to mix up the routine and get a personal trainer that can support you in which muscle groups to train on which day. Something that can really protect you against injuries is pre-warmups. Stretch and flex the muscles to make them more agile. An elastic band is great for that!

But what if it happens regardless? Can you still work out with an injury? 

Unless it’s a fracture, an injury doesn’t have to be an excuse. What we at Spirit can do is create a schedule that sidelines the injury and refrains from putting pressure on that specific joint or muscle. And we can go far with this: even if you’ve torn your meniscus, you can switch from cardio to make sure that the knee gets enough room and time to repair.

Talking about repair: when runners finish a heavy training or marathon, they do a recovery run. Does something like that exist for other sports? 

It definitely does! But recovery sessions are very specific to the sport itself. For instance, a recovery run can make sure that you negate the buildup of lactic acid, which prevents stiffness and soars. Most of these training exercises have a lot to do with doing the same kind of training, but longer and with less pressure.

Food can have a gigantic impact on this, and it can be so personal and specific that we could check your blood values and work together with a nutrition consultant to offer someone a tailor-made solution.

Sounds great! So, where do I sign up?

Well, we’ll be here every other Wednesday (bi-weekly) from 8:30 to 9:30 PM. If it just so happens that we won’t have time for you on Wednesday, fear not. You can always make an appointment to meet us at our office, which is right here in Antwerp and very close to The Brick.

Spirit will be back on the 17th of july. To be sure that they’re able to help you and actually have time, you might want to go to the desk and talk with Charlotte or Jens. Just as a guarantee!