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January news update

The Brick Circus


The Brick is hosting a DJ contest this month!

If you know any musical wizards that want to show the world his/her talents, let them send a demo to

Deadline to apply is Friday the 27th of January.

Selected deejays will be able to play a 30 min set on Tuesday the 31th of January.

The top 3 will get a free year membership and the possibility to play at one of the coolest gyms in the world.


Young Swee was a huge Dragonball Z fan, a manga series where the hero becomes Super Saiyan, granting him super powers.

But unlike the other children he didn’t want to be like Goku, the perfect hero on the left. He wanted to be Vegeta, the bad guy on the right who always strives for perfection but never really makes it until he does.

(Obviously because bad guys get all the good girls but we are getting ahead of ourselves)

Becoming a Super Saiyan is no small feat. It requires a calm heart & mind, a high base power level and an emotional trigger of some sort.

He wasn’t too sure about the calm and emotions, but high base power level, that Swee could work with. He went from 70 kilos to 95 in the gym, eating 5000 calories a day which is easy if you own a restaurant.

While it didn’t get him the girls it did trigger his interest in fitness, going from noodle dealer to muscle leader. He went from chef to PT, led by his passion to become this perfect version of himself, this Super Saiyan, always striving to improve.

His next goals are competing in international body building contests in 2024 in the Classic Physique & Mens’ Physique disciplines. (For those not familiar with that particular scene that translates to basically posing in speedos & posing in surf shorts)

But we are digressing, back to the Brick. His classes are very popular, probably because of the perpetual smile, or could it be his eclectic music choices? Whatever it is, it works. People are unanimously getting STRONGer with Swee.

If you want to get stronger, hit him up.
The worst you can get out of the deal is that he buys you breakfast.


In preparation of the brand coming to the Antwerp South we have a fun & healthy new collab to share with everyone.

Go download the JOE & THE JUICE app and register with the e-mail address we have on file for you. You can find this in your MyClubPlanner app if you don’t remember with which e-mail you registered.

All Brick-members will now receive 15% discount on all their future orders.


We keep adding classes where the need arises.
Got any suggestions? Send us an e-mail.
New this month:

RUNNING CLUB by Arne (Saturdays 09:00)
ABS & BUTTS by Julie (Tuesdays 07:30)


Head over to the shop in the Museumstraat to get your limited The Brick socks before they completely sell out.


As you all know we offer so many classes these days that a little weekly managing is in order.

For us to keep adding to the roster, we need to know how classes perform.
This can only be achieved if people actually show up to the classes they booked.

It pains us to still see classes with full waiting lists and empty seats.

We therefore adjusted the timing in which people can book and cancel.
This will only be possible during our opening hours, which are 07:00 ‘till 22:00.

Want more classes? Cancel in time. Or show up.

We would once more like to remind everyone to cancel their classes within the 4 hour window.

Cancel your classes on time through the app and don’t forget to check in on all locations with your QR-code, badge or card.

Phone, e-mail or social media are not valid ways to cancel your classes.

Your co-members thank you.


We have a lot of new mixes in our Spotify channel again this month.
This is where our deejays & guests curate their very own music especially for you.

So check out these new lists by our lady deejays NC, ZOEY & KOBALT.

For a full list of playlists click here.

To start listening one of the playlists now, click the images below.



Known factors are exercising and eating healthy, but when it comes to nutrients, it gets a bit more complicated.

PACK’D aims to make it all a little less complicated.
For those who eat healthily and live a perfectly balanced lifestyle, you really wouldn’t need supplements.

But we both know that not every meal we eat is healthy.
And that’s not a problem at all: our Essentials Box is an insurance for the burgundian lifestyle.

We’ve worked with professionals in the sports and nutrients industry to create a selection of daily essentials that will work towards a healthy, energized body and focused mind.



Transform your employees’ spirit and productivity levels by offering them the ultimate health program as part of a flexible benefits package.

By joining The Brick your employees will have unlimited access to our locations at reduced corporate rates.

Click the link below for more info.